Success Stories


uFraction8 is a young biotech startup based in Falkirk, Scotland focused on sustainable solutions for bioreactor downstream processing. It aims to propagate its innovative solution, replacing filters, membranes, flocculants, centrifuges and other technologies. It targets a wide range of microbes like micro algae, yeast and bacteria, sorting biomass from culture medium with no harmful high shear processes.

“I’ve been involved with the AccelerateHER community almost since day one of uFraction8 and have gained so much from terrific mentoring and training opportunities like the bootcamps. I also benefited from making great connections through taking part in two exciting market building missions to California and Dubai; all of this was super valuable to uFraction8’s growth and internationalisation.”

Monika Tomecka, PhD
Co-founder and Director, uFraction8 Ltd to Case Studies
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