Success Stories

Hearing Diagnostics

Hearing Diagnostics believe that everyone affected by hearing loss should have access to care. For this to happen, diagnosing hearing loss needs to be made easy and reliable.

Hearing Diagnostics has developed a technology that makes hearing screening accurate and cost-efficient. Its mission is to drive forward a new era of care where hearing assessments become as commonplace, accessible, and accepted as eye tests.

“We’ve been approached by prospective clients who found us through the AccelerateHER finals youtube video! This represents a huge opportunity for us. AccelerateHER has given me and other female founders access to your platform and your networks which has been such a big help for us. Your group is wonderfully welcoming, encouraging, uplifting, and truly supportive.”

Claudia Freigang, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder, Hearing Diagnostics. to Case Studies
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