Winners announced at the Scottish Asian and Business Awards

After months of anticipation the winners of the 16th Scottish Asian & Business Awards 2023 presented by Lookers Glasgow and Jaguar Land Rover have been announced. 

The Awards showcase the strength of the Asian community, the impact they have on Scotland’s culture & economy, and highlight their progression over the last year.

We were delighted to see that Investing Women Angel’s Board member Dr Poonam Malik was successful in winning the highly prestigious award of ‘Woman of the year’.

Dr Malik received the Award for her contributions to Entrepreneurship, Investment, Innovation and making an inspiring difference to the commercialisation success of companies, to the society and Economy. 

For a decade and a half these awards have celebrated the achievements of Scottish-Asian businesses and professionals whose continued graft and dedication has created a lasting legacy for what the Scottish Asian community are capable of as business leaders and drivers of the economy. 

The awards demonstrate and recognise the massive contributions of Scottish-Asian businesses and professionals, and showcases the strength and impact the Asian community has on Scotland’s culture, skills, health and economy. 

Poonma has supported Female Founders and business entrepreneurs over the last decades with Advisory, Mentoring, personal investments and governance expertise into early-stage and scaling deep-tech businesses.   

Further information can be found here.

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