Empowering Female Founders: AccelerateHER’s Survey for Change

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, female entrepreneurs are breaking barriers and redefining success. They’re the unsung heroes of innovation and determination, and their stories deserve to be heard.

That’s why AccelerateHER has embarked on a critical mission with the “.” This study aims to celebrate and support women founders, shedding light on their remarkable journeys, business ventures, scaling ambitions, and the resources they need. 

It’s more than just a survey; it’s a movement, and it only takes four minutes to be a part of it.

Why a survey for female founders?

AccelerateHER is committed to empowering and supporting women founders and nurturing their entrepreneurial journey. The Female Founders Study is a key part of that commitment. 

It’s designed to learn more about the challenges, successes, and aspirations of women entrepreneurs across the UK. This comprehensive survey is not limited to our existing network of founders; it’s open to all women who dream and lead business innovations across the UK – whether you are an early-stage business or more established and scaling. 

By participating in this study, you’re not just sharing your experiences; you’re shaping the future of women in business and the support available to female founders to aid the achievement of goals and ambitions. – and we know you have a lot of experiences and stories to share!

The power of four minutes

What can you accomplish in four minutes? You can make a cup of coffee, respond to a few emails, or catch up on your LinkedIn feed. 

In that same time, you can contribute to a cause that can transform the landscape for women entrepreneurs. 

By taking the Female Founders Study survey, you’re giving a voice to the unsung heroines of the business world. Your insights are invaluable in understanding the unique needs of women founders.

Your chance to make a difference

Time is running out, with just a few weeks to participate in the Female Founders Study. If you’re a woman founder or business leader and a female-led business, this is your chance to provide insights to shape the future of support available to you and others like you. 

Your thoughts and experiences will resonate for years, influencing policies, programs, access to funding and opportunities for women entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Can I participate?

AccelerateHER’s Female Founders Study is open to all women founders, regardless of whether you are already a part of our network. We seek input from women founders at all stages of their entrepreneurial path. Your perspective matters, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial path. 

By participating, you’re not just helping yourself; you’re contributing to a collective effort to empower and uplift all women founders.

What we want to learn

delves into crucial topics such as your journey as a founder, your ambitions for scaling your business, the support you’ve accessed, and the support you need more of. The insights we gather will not be hidden away but shared with our partners and used to craft future support systems. We’ll also share some of the key data points we gather (anonymously) with you! 

We aim to create an environment where women founders can thrive, and your voice is the key to that transformation.

Take the survey now!

So, are you ready to make a difference? Contributing your valuable insights to the Female Founders Study only takes four minutes. is accessible to all women founders based in the UK, and you can participate right now. Don’t hesitate to share this survey with your relevant networks and inspire others to join this empowering initiative.

In just four minutes, you can be a part of something bigger – a movement that empowers, celebrates, and uplifts women founders. The Female Founders Study is not just a survey; it’s a collective effort to reshape the future of entrepreneurship for women. 

Join us today, and let your voice be heard.

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