Meet the Finalists: AccelerateHER Awards 2022 in partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs

Taking place from Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th March, the AccelerateHER Awards 2022 in partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs will celebrate fabulous female founders from across the United Kingdom.

The influential women have been shortlisted for their aspirational work across the fields of Science and MedTech; FinTech, Data Science and Cybersecurity; CleanTech, Climate and Net Zero and Disruptive Innovation.

Find out more about the shortlist below and join the Finals on:

North England (Wednesday 23rd March) 

Jennie Johnson – My First Five Years Ltd
An educational platform and mobile app giving parents unparalleled access to expert knowledge and timely advice.

Aranzazu Carmona Orbezo – Parallel Carbon
Parallel Carbon is an early-stage startup developing the world’s most affordable direct air capture (DAC) process, relying only on wind, sunshine, and abundant minerals.

Olivia Dovernor – The Student Bubble
The Student Bubble is an online property marketplace that aims to simplify the student rental market for students and property managers alike.




Northern Ireland (Wednesday 23rd March) 

Karen McDonald – Farm Compare Ltd

Disrupting the Agri supply chain to help farmers purchase with less time, stress and hassle.

Sinead Welsh – Informed Minds Training & Consultancy Ltd

Mental Health Well-being and Safeguarding Specialists that are providing the first of its kind digital health solution through the Informed Minds App, with the ultimate aim of reducing stress, self-harm and suicide rates.



Wales (Wednesday 23rd March) 

Lottie Hawkins – Earthly Biochar

Earthly is the leading biochar startup in the UK having developed the first domestic biochar kiln on the market and is the only biochar supplier in the UK able to deliver biochar and the associated carbon credits.

Ans Aspden – Stable Resources Ltd

Founded in 2001, Stable is a bespoke IT Consultancy and Resourcing Specialist, we are a trusted partner in the Defence and Security space and a Microsoft Gold Partner; most recently we have become the No.1 Microsoft Learning Partner in Wales.

Georgia & Alice Aubrey – is an aggregator for all ‘Things to Do’ in your leisure time: Attractions, Activities, Theatres, Gigs, Walks, Experiences… a content platform where you can browse for inspiration and book your tickets all in one place.


Scotland (Thursday 24th March) 

CleanTech, Climate & Net Zero

Xiaoyan Ma – Danu Robotics Ltd
Danu Robotics is an Edinburgh based CleanTech start-up, that is developing advanced and sustainable technological solutions for the benefit of the environment.

Katherine Gunderson – Grand Bequest
Grand Bequest is a property technology company using data analytics, conservation, and sustainability to promote the global redevelopment of vacant buildings.

Amanda Pickford – ThermaFY Group
ThermaFY Group is a specialist software company, that analysis temperature data to solve real-world problems.





Disruptive Innovation

Mehrnaz Campbell – Cheemia Ltd
Cheemia are independent market access and remote sales specialists, providing a unique cloud based training platform for pharmaceutical companies looking to achieve digital transformation.

Janis Roddie – Everyday People Ltd
Using disruptive innovation to enable the live events industry to embrace and monetise the digital space.

Danae Shell – Valla Ltd
Valla is a DIY law platform that helps people resolve employment issues themselves without spending thousands in legal fees.





FinTech, Data Science & Cyber Security

Charmaine Lo – Actelligent (Scotland) Company Limited
Actelligent is a FinTech platform that uses a differentiated Thematics + Factors hybrid approach to help investors ‘act intelligently’ in every stage of the investment process.

Lynne Darcey Quigley – Know-It Global Ltd
Know-it streamlines the credit control process so businesses can credit check and monitor, chase for payment, collect overdue unpaid invoices, and more all from one place.

Anne Widdop – The VR Hive
Leveraging accessible, engaging VR, AI and gaming technology to deliver active, immersive learning.





Science & MedTech

Ishani Malhotra – Carcinotech Ltd
Carcinotech has expertise in manufacturing 3D printed living tumours using patient-derived cancer stem cells and cancer cells for rapid, ethical, sustainable and accurate drug testing, pre-clinical and personalised medicine testing.

Karen Gardiner – Purple Orchid Health Ltd
Specialist reproductive health company supporting women with Urology and Gynaecology conditions particularly chronic pelvic pain and bladder pain.

Jodie Sinclair – Theo Health
A health-tech company that is looking to revolutionise how we train and recover from injury through the use of our platform and wearable device.





South England (Friday 25th March)

CleanTech, Climate & Net Zero

Molly Allington – Albotherm
At Albotherm, we are on a mission to reduce carbon emissions and ensure future food security using our passive cooling technology that reducing overheating in buildings and greenhouses without any electrical input, preventing 3,800 tonnes of CO2 being emitted each year which equates to 15,200 hours of flight time in a Boeing 737 and boosting crop yields by 6%.

Zhixuan Wang – Algreen Ltd
We developed biobased polyurethane (PU) and commercialising various industries such as medical, fashion, packaging, furniture and construction markets.

Claudia Gwinnutt – Circla
The milkman reimagined for beauty.




Disruptive Innovation

Lynsey Cowlishaw – Heroine Media
Creating hybrid live and digital immersive experiences for heritage and the arts, championing women in history.

Nina Jane Patel – Kabuni
The world’s safest and healthiest Education Metaverse for kids.

Stella Smith – Pirkx Ltd
pirkx uses technology to simplify wellbeing access for all, via our lightweight, fully customisable, self-service platform and app.




FinTech, Data Science & Cyber Security

Alex Harris – Adadot
Adadot is an analytics tool that helps technical teams improve team performance and wellbeing by analysing productivity and collaboration data. A fitness tracker but for work. Rooted in Science.

Katrin Herrling – Funding Xchange
Funding Xchange work with more than 80 banks, lenders and funders, our technology and analytics solutions are transforming customer conversion and engagement and setting the standard in monitoring of lending portfolios.

Jessica Mendoza – Monadd
Monadd is the mission control dashboard for your house services. Monadd provides individuals and service providers with real-time, verified information change requests allowing service providers to maintain service continuity with accurate data, while individuals retain visibility and control of their details.



Science & MedTech

Grace Gimson – Holly Health
Holly Health is an intelligent coaching app which offers the right behavioural support, nudges, and ongoing adaptive coaching to get and stay well. It uses intelligent algorithms and conversational coaching to achieve coaching personalisation at a fraction of the cost of human support, for weight and stress management, and diabetes prevention.


Emma Amoscato – Smile
Smile is the first mental health app to support patients and carers managing long-term health conditions.


Lucie Hayter – The Gut Feeling
The Gut Feeling is going to prevent digestive health symptoms in billions of people.



We are delighted to have a prestigious line up of judges for the finals. You can find out more about them here.

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