Biscuit Tin DeathTech Entrepreneur ‘un-den-ted’ by high profile TV pitch

Sheila Hogan, East Lothian based serial entrepreneur, and founder of the UK’s leading digital legacy vault, Biscuit Tin, is to appear in the latest series of the BBC’s popular reality show, Dragons’ Den, which is due to air at 8pm on Thursday 10 February, the sixth episode of the current series.

Sheila will be seen pitching to the team of Dragons in the hit BBC One show, which include veterans Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, and newcomer marketing guru Steven Bartlett, who has made his debut this series.

Sheila’s pitch aims to secure early-stage investment from one or more of the Dragons which will enable the business, originally launched in 2020, to expand exponentially.  Through Biscuit Tin the deathtech entrepreneur aims to plug a gap in the market when it comes to end-of-life planning and digital legacy.

Biscuit Tin was born following Sheila’s personal experience of closing-down the lives of her parents. Armed with a biscuit tin of old papers, Sheila discovered that the way ‘end of life’ is handled today is completely broken and needs to change. Biscuit Tin has been created to empower and enable everyone to plan for their death and make the whole process easier for those left behind. Biscuit Tin enables the secure online storage and encryption of valuable, vital information, all in one place, which is released to those nominated when the time comes.  This includes information such as account details, important documents, post-life wishes and memories.

Sheila commented: “Appearing on Dragons’ Den is a phenomenal experience; preparing and pitching to such a high-profile and massively successful group of businesspeople is daunting yet exhilarating. It has been a fantastic opportunity and enormous privilege for me and Biscuit Tin to be chosen for the show. Through my journey to the Den, I have grown in ways I never imagined. I have learnt so much due to the Dragon’s Den experience and I am more ready than ever to take Biscuit Tin to the next level.”

About Biscuit Tin

Biscuit Tin is the UK’s first digital legacy ‘vault’, securely holding valuable information such as account details, important documents, post-life wishes and memories all in one place. These are then released to nominated family members in the event of death. Biscuit Tin aims to help people prepare for their deaths, with the aim of leaving family members left behind with peace of mind and minimal stress, following their bereavement.

To find out more about Biscuit Tin visit:

Biscuit Tin social media: @biscuittinco

About Sheila Hogan, CEO of Biscuit Tin

Serial entrepreneur Sheila Hogan launched Biscuit Tin in 2020, following her successful thirty-year career in IT, change and project management. Based in East Lothian, Sheila previously ran an award-winning maintenance business for 10 years. Sheila has also run a successful business architecture consultancy for over twenty years. She has won numerous awards for Biscuit Tin including the 2020 Fintech and Cyber Security AccelerateHER Award.

It was the trauma and stress of having to deal with her parents’ affairs, particularly after the death of her father, which made Sheila determined to make the process easier for other people. A former President of the Association of Scottish Businesswomen, she turned her attentions towards investigating whether there was a way, in this new digital age, in which all of the threads of our lives could be captured and managed to ease the burden on those loved ones left behind. The company takes its name from the old biscuit tin every family used to have for storing important documentation.

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