2022 Award Categories

About the Awards

The awards are split across 5 regions- Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, North and South England- with 4 categories in each region: 

Science and MedTech 

This award recognises life changing innovations through unparalleled creativity in science or medical technology. If your business is at the forefront of your sector, pushing scientific boundaries with anything from medical devices to life changing apps, then this is the category for you.

FinTech, Data Science and Cybersecurity

This award celebrates businesses that are changing the face of financial services and data science. If you’re embracing the open banking revolution through financial technology; providing cybersecurity solutions to protect the most vulnerable of data; harnessing data to extract and harness knowledge then this category is for you.

CleanTech, Climate and Net Zero

This category is for companies using technology to tackle the climate crisis. No matter what field you’re working in, if you’re on a journey to Net Zero by developing solutions to reduce emissions and combat global warming, this is the award for you.

 Disruptive Innovation

If you don’t fit into one of the other three categories but your business is trail blazing with technological innovation and brilliance, then you could be our Disruptive Innovator for 2022. We want to hear from businesses who are disrupting their sector with new ideas.

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